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It's Time for some
Summer Car Care Tips
 It’s time to give your car a little summer TLC. Some of these tips may appeal to the do-it-yourselfer in you. Others are best left to an experienced technician. At Rolf's Auto Care we are ready to help you prepare for your upcoming travels.

 Inspecting your car before driving season will help improve your fuel efficiency, achieve peak performance and even help you avoid major repairs down the road. The coupons on our specials page will save you on inspections, maintenance and repairs. Check them out after reading this!


1.Keep your vehicle safe for the main driving season. Inspect the brake system, including lines, hoses, and parking brake. Inspect brake fluid for proper level. Low brake fluid can be an indication of excessive brake wear or fluid leak. Inspect and measure brake linings & pads.
2.Make sure the treads on your tires are adequate for rainy weather or you could be in for an unwelcome surprise when that unexpected spring or summer storm hits. You also should check your tire pressure. It will improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and ride. Don't forget to check the spare!
3.Batteries work harder when it's cold, and winter can compromise cranking performance up to 60 percent. For the main driving season test and replace old or weak batteries, especially those more than three years old. It will be cheaper than a tow and replacement on the road.
4.Properly functioning headlamps and tail lamps play an important role in safe driving, especially at nighttime, or in rainy or foggy conditions. Inspect and test all exterior lamps and lights, including turn signals and hazard lights to ensure they are in proper working order and alignment.
5.Check out the entire cooling system: radiator, coolant, belts and hoses, cooling fans, heater core and water pump. Road salt in winter can literally lead to the radiator core rotting away. That means bad overheating which can lead to blown head gaskets, cracked or warped cylinder heads... Rolf's can help you prevent all of that.
6.See if you are getting cold air when you turn on the AC. If not, ask us to check if the AC system is fully charged with refrigerant. Not using the AC during winter can lead to seals drying out, loss of some of the refrigerant, so your system may just need a little BOOST.
7.Make sure you stay on top of your oil changes. That's particularly important in spring and summer. With the hot weather your engine needs all the lubrication it can get, and at high temperature your engine's oil is really being put through the wringer. Rolf's recommends 3,000 mile service intervals for regular & 5,000 for synthetic oil.
8.Following the traditional cold-weather pothole season, we recommend checking all the stuff that holds the wheels to the rest of your car and keeps the tires in good contact with the road. That means shocks, struts and the front end, including ball joints, tie rods and your steering components.
9.These play an important part in the proper function and performance of your engine. Prevent breakdowns or serious engine damage by replacing belts and hoses at recommended intervals. Checking and replacing the fuel & air filters is also key to ensuring the engine is running at its optimal level and maximizes fuel economy.
10.   With increased mileage during warm-weather months, power steering, brake and transmission fluid as well as windshield washer solvent and coolant should be checked often and changed at factory-recommended intervals to make sure they’re fresh and filled. Dirty or low fluids can lead to expensive breakdowns.