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Safety & Savings. Rolf’s gives you both this season. With our specials your car can get the maintenance it needs, on a budget you can afford!

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*Rolf's Seasonal Special includes oil & filter service (up to 5 qts of non-synthetic oil) and comprehensive inspection of all belts & hoses, antifreeze level, climate control, coolant boiling point, exhaust system, battery, brakes, tire wear and tread depth, tire pressure, all lights, windshield wipers. Includes fluid top-offs!
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*Stop by Rolf's Auto Care and be safe this season! Rolf's "Free Brake & Battery Inspection Special" helps you make sure you can START & STOP your car when you want to!
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*Rolf's Auto Care appreciates and thanks all the men and women in the United States Armed Forces who serve to protect us and our way of life. With this special discount we would like to acknowledge, honour and support your service and sacrifice. Thank you!
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*With Rolf's Value Coupon you save on little and large repair jobs. The larger the job, the more you save. Another way Rolf's Auto Care helps deliver value, safety and savings to you.
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